You say that you are into programming, and want to try out development in any mobile OS. Since you have an iPhone and find it pretty interesting, you think you should invest your time in developing apps for the iPhone and iOS. That is pretty good. So you go through all the procedures: i.e. learn coding, then learn objective C, then start coding and making connections on GitHub, and then successfully launch an app. Bam! You think you are the model iOS Developer. Not even close. iOS Developers aren’t so lucky. Their work is hard, and there is no glamour. The only glamour they have is when they know they have touched the lives of millions of people out there who are strongly benefited by using the app. So here are 6 tips for the iOS Developer in you to guide you through the cruel world of iOS Development.

Be mentally prepared for a life of hard work

Most people in the world would rather eat and sleep to make money than actually work for it, and they cannot be blamed. Once you step into this field, you have to be prepared to do whatever it is necessary to be the star of the game, and that comes through working hard and working smart. It isn’t all about physical labour. Everyone can sit in an office for ten hours a day and work. However, it is exponentially difficult to do the same job in 5 hours, having to use your brain full time without rest. Mental hard work is not sustainable. So you must be focused and do the best you can with your smart time management.

Actually learn to make apps for the device you want

Hold a device you want to develop for, feel its UI/UX and approach to the User because in the end, everything is about how you make the user feel about your application.

Users are everything

Apart from the four people in your life who only criticize you, your users may love the app or hate it, and they would respond accordingly by either rating it a five star or removing it from their phones.

Do not ignore the basics

Proven formulas are necessary because they are “proven”. You may go out of your way to introduce something out of this world, but stick to the basics first. If you don’t have an original idea, go for a proven one.

Organise the computer you work one just like you organise your desk

Keeping files, resources and codes in an organized way means you can find them easily when in need. If somebody else is viewing your code, he/she won’t be lost in it. So you actually are doing social work if you keep your code clean and beautifully arranged.


Yes. Test your code in all possible ways. Throw your application to the meat grinder that is called the User Base and let them throw stones at your app, let them boo your app in the form of the harshest criticism that would make your mother say, “Leave this profession.” Once the storm is over, improve the app keeping in mind what the users have pointed out. In the end, only you must prove to be above them.
Being an iOS Developer isn’t easy, but it sure comes with its adrenaline rush moments along with bittersweet moments of success and failure.