Software Development: Apple Developer Fee and iOS Programming Issues

We are the experienced developers of applications with extensive experience in creating native iOS applications. We are sharing our knowledge and are ready to answer frequently asked questions about Apple developer fees.

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Should I Pay the Apple Developer Fee to Create an iOS App?

I recently witnessed a conversation with students who were discussing the development of the iPhone app. One of them said that it is necessary to pay a high cost to develop iOS applications. Another man replied that his friend was wrong and that he could access all the development tools for free. But who is right? Are you really obligated to pay to design Apple applications or is there any way to do it freely? We are going to verify it.

To Start iOS Development

There are four important aspects that you should keep in mind:

  • You can become a member of the Apple Developer Program.
  • The integrated Xcode development environment (IDE) of Apple can be downloaded for free, but can only be used on Mac computers
  • To distribute products in the store, you must register as an iOS developer. This type of formal membership fees will cost $ 99 annually.
  • If you need to test something you created with Xcode, you can install it on your personal iPhone or iPad without paying the fee.
Other Matters
  • Also keep in mind the following points.
  • Not for the product you are trying to develop is open to the public, if you want to use it within the company, you must pay the company fee $ 299 per year.
  • For example, there may be additional fees for source control. You can check the details on the Apple website. Generally, this fee is less than $ 100.
  • Now you know the beginning of Apple as a developer.
Is there any Need for an Apple Developer Account?

Many beginners in development are asking this question. Download Xcode on Mac and run the app created with simulator. It works without problems here. However, I would like to test the program on the actual device and see if it will work 100%. They are, so although they are not goals of making money to publish their products in the Store, without having to pay $ 99 fee, it is possible to get the opportunity to install to a personal device I wonder if it is so.

Test for Free

With the launch of Xcode 7's integrated development environment, developers do not need to pay fees to test applications on smartphones and computers. Everyone can try the software for free with Apple's personal device. The use of Swift and the latest version of Xcode makes it easier to create iOS applications and ensure quality. All you need to do is register with your Apple ID and run your product on your iPhone, iPad or other Apple product.

Advantages of Xcode

If Xcode is already installed, review it now. You do not need to be a member of the Apple Developer Program. For more information about testing iOS applications, visit the official Apple website. Now, to be able to test in the emulator, it is possible to download .Xcode that was verified that there is no need to install dangerous software from third party sources is carried out only in officially to use the account of iCloud I will do it.


Do you need an Apple Developer or an Apple Enterprise Membership?

If you intend to create an iPhone or iPad app and plan to release it for the public, you must register as a member of the Apple Developer program. Although there is a way, you will be able to build a web-based solution for access from the Web browser that iOS users have installed on your device, so that inferior to native solutions such as Web-based is in many aspects Take this way down. Therefore, only if you want to distribute the app through the store that can be downloaded and installed on the device for the app, you will need to sign up for the Apple licensing program.

Types of Apple Developer Membership

There are two types of developer programs for developers, individual licenses, and Enterprise Apple Developer Programs. The customer often asks us what kind of membership is required, so please tell me the difference between the two types of membership. If the goal is to publish the app in the store, there are two types of APple developer program types.

Program for iOS Developers


  • $ 99 / year


  • Distribution of applications through the Store
  • Testing software on an Apple personal device

How to use the app: after developing and testing the app, send it to the store. The review process runs there. This will take around 10 minutes. Once your app is approved, it will be available in the store.

Advanced iOS Development


  • $ 299 / year


  • Distribute applications directly to corporate personnel
  • Testing the software on an Apple personal device
  • Receive technical support service
  • How to use the app: once you develop and test the app, you can start using it immediately without revision.
  • Detailed information

Select membership

As you see, the main criteria upon which the type of Apple developer membership is an appropriate decision are based are whether it will be open to the public or if it will only be used within your company. In other words:

  • If you want to distribute the app to users of Apple devices, you must register in the iOS developer program.
  • To create any software solution for internal use, you must register in the iOS Developer Enterprise program.

Do you have questions?

After choosing the best solution, you can create as many applications as you want. It is not limited to anything. In addition, you can subscribe to both, publish your app to the public and create software for employees only. If you want to ask questions about the development of iOS or talk about the digital possibilities of your company, please contact us. Thank you

Our clients


The mobile app market is very attractive or developers. The barrier to entry is very low, you do not have to be a genius of a million dollars to build a mobile app. Is there any wonderful idea to be the next Angry Birds or another Uber? And forward! If you have free time and want to learn the basic principles of programming, you can turn ideas into a stable source of income. The availability of app development tools and resources offers the advantage of becoming the next star of the mobile industry for everyone. If you want to enter the exciting world of smartphone applications, you must be prepared to learn the programming language of the platform you chose or be prepared to invest in solutions created by professional app developers.

If you are not familiar with the development of applications, the price may seem shocking. The fee of the current development of the app is approximately $ 15,000 for very basic applications. In other words, you only pay a basic function amount, you will pay this amount to get an app with 3 to 5 screens and a very simple design. If you want to add more features, the price starts around $ 25000.

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