Reach a New Level of Productivity with Bespoke Software Development

Since 2010, our ambitious IT organization has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise to become one of the leading bespoke software development companies. We are proud of the digital experts and design specialists of the team.

We provide concept creation, coding, design, testing and maintenance software for large and small businesses around the world and help our customers reach new frontiers.

Capacity without Borders

Our internal bespoke software development team has created effective programming products for companies in all areas. We can help you:

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Software development

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable IT partner to build a plan, we have created a large number of small and medium-sized products and operating systems for the expansion of different industries. We can also design cloud-based packaging solutions or shrink to different vertical lines of products for licensing or resale.

  • Bespoke enterprise applications
  • Web Packages and Web Development
  • Software and hardware integration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Bespoke database
  • Consumer Portal Software
  • Bespoke CRM framework
  • Development standard white
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
System Integration

With the development of the organization, the establishment of the process, the team often creates independent tools to help them fully understand the daily work. This organic evolution usually ends with an incoherent and fragmented system, which functions as hard as organization. We will create a system to automate business processes and connect data.

  • Statistical migration product
  • Operational structure
  • Older software programs are modernized
Professional Services

We not only extend the application - we provide end-to-end services to help you fully. We can provide all the advice, best technologies and marketing strategies to meet the sustainable development needs. We can also securely deploy and host programs on a dedicated, high availability infrastructure.

  • Query
  • Job Redemption
  • IT outsourcing and business IT services
  • Recovery of source code
  • Support and maintenance
  • Virtual host
  • Development of entrepreneurship


Bespoke Business Software

Bespoke business software - from web applications to consumer portals and everything else: we are professionals who use technology to create business efficiency and competitive advantage.

Enterprise application development

Whether you need bespoke solutions to improve customer support, improve business efficiency, streamline processes or increase revenue (through front-end user experience or back-end efficiency), our experts can create intelligent, cost-effective personalization intuitive way that will help your program.

Specially appointed teams work with you to cater to your business processes and the projects you want to solve and then present the best kind of custom software development for you, including:

  • Hosted, bespoke web-based utility with native, remote, synchronous or multi-tenant database backend
  • A managed site managed by a managed database
  • Bespoke web application with full CRM system
  • Combined front-end, back-end, and customer portal systems
  • Desktop system with a remote database (cloud) or a local database that can be synchronized / replicated with the central database structure
  • Mobile and tablet apps with local and cloud-based databases

For example, we create bespoke software solutions that include:

  • Secure customer information
  • QR code (barcode) as a link between electronic stores, electronic tickets and management systems
  • A bespoke self-service solution that can log on from a workplace, home, or mobile device
  • Remembers the user panel when the next operation expires - no longer depends on a written list or human memory
  • Reports are automatic so they can be generated quickly and accurately
  • Predict inventory peaks and gutters so inventory levels remain at the most reliable level

If your business software requires a back-end payment system, our developers can integrate quickly for you.

Who owns the software?

We are pleased to offer our customers bespoke solutions. We do not want to contaminate the licensing or problem-building experience. That's why when you create an application for you, you do not have to worry:

Once the product is complete, the intellectual property is completely transferred to the customer, there is no license fee for the software we use for you.

We do not use proprietary technology or development plug-ins. This ensures that everything we do can be maintained for a long time, and that any Microsoft education developer can function without any specific knowledge.

After the product is released

Our team is not accustomed to accomplish the bespoke project as a checkbox move, and then following the next task. Developers are happy with the content they provide and want to get the best results, which is why we:

With simple practical specifications in English - we will not use technical terms to kill you

Provide complete training in your application, on-site or at our workplace in London. Usually, it is not necessary because the software we create is intuitive to the user. But if you need it that way.

Provide ongoing support services and agreed service level agreements and access our internal builders through helpdesk

To get more information about all the services we offer, please contact the customer's department - we are always willing to talk.

Bespoke Program Development Strategy

We integrate the best technology platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Web services and ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and fast utility building technology to quickly deliver the software.

We will show the product before the product is released and executed. By allowing you to access the project, you can "play" and mark any design or function less appropriate. So that we can quickly resolve the controversial issues, so that the products are in full compliance with your needs.

Our clients


Development process

Our dedicated team has successfully delivered the software in budget and dispatch through a proven development process.

We have developed a lean delivery strategy, including planning, development methods, complete technical layout, fast coding and first-class assurance.

  • Reliable cooperation - Be it big or small, chip or not-for-profit, we offer equal enjoyment, we can do, respond and professional services.
  • Prototype and writing specifications - Concerned about the product may not adequately reflect the needs? The visible prototype and purpose of writing purpose will determine what it is.
  • Rapid application development - Faster development time, lower costs and insect elimination are just a few of the technologies that are developing rapidly in favor of customers.
  • Development Methods - Discover the advantages of developing classic waterfalls or flexible agile methods for fast delivery, adaptive planning and rapid response changes.

How does the project work?

Clients usually ask how their projects will work. Although all wishes are special, but it is not a "one size fits all" situation, our company usually with the customer through the following steps:

Discuss the desire

Our experts begin with an in-depth understanding of your business, existing methods, difficult conditions, goals and your opinions on current solutions.

Before we develop the solution strategy and resources, we listen, ask questions, suggest constructive ideas and challenges to meet your needs.

Project proposal

With the understanding obtained with the discussion, we will send your formal proposal. It lists how we work with you, as well as information about the set of system resources. It also includes costs and schedules that meet agreed engagement conditions.


We begin the planning phase. This is the most coordinated part of the task, which includes meetings with your stakeholder engagement and our development team on the site or in the headquarters.

Communication is one of the basic problems of tailor-made software creation, in the early stages of the project, to avoid misunderstanding, try to provide a secure external network so that everyone involved in the project has access to current documents and prototypes;

Start daily on the external network to track the progress of the meeting's weekly status so you and our team are on schedule.

Most people are almost impossible to see how some operations will run before the release of bespoke software, so at this stage we use state-of-the-art visual tools to build prototypes of new products so you can see the form.

  • SRS (Software requirements specification)

The team members have also prepared a complete functional specification detailing each of the key elements of the bespoke software created. When the developer uses it to build the software, the customer must understand and agree to this specification. That's why we write in plain English and avoid using technical terms.


Once the design phase is approved and based on agreed functional specifications, the in-house team of high-level software builders will begin to program the product.

We will never outsource any work and will not use it, being able to present it to use plugins or proprietary technology.

Excellence in quality assurance testing

We use a wide range of tests and first-class warranty programs to test all the elements of code and design of the creative phase. Once the program is complete, the last round of inspections by testers and end users will begin.

The user acceptance test is performed on a technology separate from the field system, so you can check functionality and provide any explanations of errors or drawbacks in the pseudo real environment. This type of test is very valuable to ensure the robustness of the system in the hands of users who use it every day.


The structure has been developed so that the user is intuitive, so the demand for formal training is significantly reduced. However, if needed, we are happy to provide a full training option at London Headquarters or at London headquarters as needed.


Even after the system's launch, our IT company also provides comprehensive maintenance of all products:

  • Correction of priority errors
  • Help with any function
  • Visit the online help desk system as well as phone and email support

Let's create the perfect solution

Since 2010, our IT company has been building bespoke applications. We have created first-class solutions for a wide range of industries.

Look at the portfolio and see how companies can benefit from our work.

If you want to know more about any aspect of our work, discuss ideas or get a free estimate call us now.