Designing iPhone Apps for iOS 9

Since launching ten years ago, iOS has come a long way. In iOS 9, tap 3D, a new system source is called San Francisco, it is introduced a multi-task on the iPad. Apple also introduced Stack View in Xcode. This is a tool that makes the design more adaptable. Apple has established a course of adaptability for its design to work on a wide range of devices and we are ready to help you benefit from this evolving technology.

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Multitasking and Adaptability

Nowadays, due to the huge amount of different screen sizes and resolution, able to adapt the design of all websites and apps is important. Therefore, it is possible to carry out with the help of Xcode and other tools, taking into account the different screen sizes, while guaranteeing the flexibility of any element, you will have to design a product. user interface, there is a specific way to adjust from a small screen like the iPhone to a larger screen, like the iPad Pro. Instead of scaling, the design expands. When in landscape mode and the large screen of the iPad, such as iPhone 6 Plus, tab bar will be replaced in the navigation on the left.

3D Touch

3D Touch is a new main features introduced in iOS 9 platform, users can easily access the apps both internal and external options. Users of iOS 9 devices can use the Force Touch app icon to display the items that are used frequently. For example, you can take a look at the messages or see the preview links without having to open the full screen of the app. The 3D Touch function is similar to the keyboard shortcut of the desktop computer. Users can repeat more quickly and easily. Direct access 3D touch, that is, increase productivity, is an excellent way to design a method to improve the user experience the power of IOS. However, the function of the Touch 3D is an additional one, it is necessary to make sure that they are not an alternative to traditional bags. Users should be able to work comfortably within the app with 3D touch and none.

Pixel to Point

Many people think that the values ​​of the points are equal to the pixels, but this is not quite true. The two units became the same when the first iPhone was launched in 2007. 1 pt corresponds to 1 px. However, with the advent of the retina screen, it became 1pt equal to 2px. Therefore, the actual value based on pixel density - it is prudent to think (@ 2x iPhone 4,5,6 and 6 @ 3x -iPhone Plus) and. On the other hand, it refers to the value of the 1st generation iPhone.

San Francisco Аont

Since the release of OS X El Capitan and IOS 9, San Francisco has become the default source that Apple Inc. has created for its products. The introduction of the new source, had an effect on the design of the iOS operating system. Tracking values ​​and text / screen settings are automatically adjusted based on the font size. This ensures the readability of the typeface. The font is equal to or greater than 20 points, use the San Francisco user interface screen, in the case of the other one to select the SF user interface text. These tracking value, but can be applied only in Photoshop, Sketch: There is a font size * Tracking / 1000 how to convert. The Sketch, there are a variety of plug-ins to quickly calculate the appropriate character spacing values.

Smartphone Resolution

Four major resolutions the iPhone, 320 x 480 for the iPhone 4, 320 x 568 for the iPhone 5, 375 x 667 for the iPhone 6 and 7, in the case of iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus It is 414 x 736 pt . According to the resolution of the screen, the design expands instead of the scale. iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7plus is the only device on the iPhone, which performs a function similar to iPads at the time of horizontal mode. As already described, the tab bar has been replaced on the left side of the navigation menu of these smartphones.


Tablet Resolution

The main solution for the iPad, if the iPad in the case of 768 x 1024 points, iPad Pro is 1024 x 1366 pt. Two new features were introduced in the iPad with the iOS version 9. Split view and slide over:

  • Slide over a small panel that appears when you slide the screen to the left inside the app on the right side of the screen.
  • Split view is a multi-task function that the user can run two apps in vertical mode at the same time.


The app mark is an essential app icon. This icon will be displayed first when the user first experiences. This icon shows how the app appears in Spotlight and Settings on the home screen of the user's device in the App Store. The icon of the iOS 9 app has a specific template. Since it is not compatible with Apple's smartphone, you do not need to generate @ 1 x assets. So, the two main resolutions of today are @ 2 x and @ 3 x.

Each icon has three versions, basic version and Spotlight and Settings. @ 1x and @ 2 x are the two resolutions used in iPads.

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From iOS 7, Apple used hyper-elliptical icons instead of the simple round icons used so far. However, if you do not want to find black artifacts, do not use the mask to send the icon to the app store. Simple rectangular assets will work perfectly. When designing iPhone apps and icons, Apple used the gold ratio. This means that the icon maintains the full percentage. You can follow Apple's example, but that's not an obligation. Even Apple designers often abandon this rule in many cases Icon.

iOS prefers bright colors when it comes to buttons. Bright colors are not noticeable on white or black backgrounds. But please do not take it out of the boat. It is best to continue with the soft color of the non-branded items, such as promotional materials, menus and navigation bars. It is best to keep the color between 10 and 20% of the overall design. Otherwise, you will divert your attention from the content. In iOS, backgrounds and menus are usually neutral colors. Black letters for white backgrounds are classic solutions that make the text easier to read. Also, iOS uses pastel blue to highlight the button.

The general rule for buttons is 44pt, 12pt for lowercase letters, 17pt for body text, 20pt + for titles. With respect to alignment and spacing, it is a basic rule to design a minimum margin or fill of 8 pt. As a result, the space increases and the design is scanned so that the text is easier to read. The text must be in the same baseline position and the user interface must be aligned.

We recommend placing the status bar in as many places as possible. The owner of the smartphone or tablet can help you track useful information, such as time, battery and signals. Icons and text can be white or black, but you can select any background color and merge with the navigation bar. This bar shows quick information on the screen. You can place a profile, menu or Back button on the left side, edit, complete or add the button on the right side. Remember that you do not need to design specific assets for these system icons. As with the status bar, you can customize the background color of the navigation bar. This is somewhat blurry, which makes the text easier to read. As a result, the background of the two elements merges.

The search bar is useful for apps with a lot of content.

The toolbar is used when there is not enough space for action or status buttons.

The tab bar is used to move between screens. If there are few items on the menu, avoid the burger button. As simplicity is always better, showing all the elements improves the user experience. In addition, it can be difficult to recognize the meaning of symbols, so create icons in the text, especially when creating symbols from the beginning. Another tip is to delineate the icon instead of filling it when it is not active. Does not alert attention to items that are not active at this time.

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