We Know How to Make the App You Need

We are a creative team dedicated to app development on the highest quality level. Since the first app was launched, in the past seven years we continue to improve the process, innovation and expansion of the possible technical limits.

One thing that has always been existing in our practice is the comprehensive commitment to customer satisfaction and the ability to provide high quality products on time and budget.

Professional App Development

As a highly professional IT company, we make and deliver first-class solutions to the world's largest organisations, improving the way we make sure customers get the best service and the end product.

Native app

For the best app to take advantage of the entire set of device features, the "native" should be implemented, which means that it is written in the same language as the operating system.


At the beginning, all iOS versions were written in Objective-C. In 2014, Apple launched Swift, made to improve overall performance and respond to protection concerns, and now is the iOS app to encourage language development. The program can be written in Objective-C, a combination of Objective-C and Swift, or purely in Swift. Our company has a great experience in making programs in each language. We can make efficient iOS programs to meet the most demanding requirements of your business.


Java is the primary development language for native Android apps. It can be found from smartphones to a variety of devices on large computers. Java is not compiled in the native processor code, but in a "virtual machine," the virtual machine can understand the format of the medium called Java bytecode. Each platform running Java requires a VM implementation. All this means that developers can make Android apps on Windows, OS X or Linux, and the Java compiler converts the source code into bytecode. Exact native development can also be recommended for the UI platform design - in the case of the "material design" of Android.

Hybrid / HTML5

Since we are a software making company, we are talking about HTML5 apps, we are talking about products that can be shipped to Apple or Android stores, often referred to as hybrid apps.

Ionic is the main open provisioning framework that developers use to make HTML5 hybrid packages. The format and functionality of the program are coded using this framework and then compiled using Cordova, which allows us to convert the hybrid to iOS or Android products and prepare delivery to the store. Using Ionic & Cordova, we can access some of the native features of the phone, including GPS, digital camera, flashlight, accelerometer. When using HTML5, the integration of these native features is far from sufficient, because the development language allows you to "write one, installed on many" to provide a "mixed" way of making the app.

In the case of the need to limit the function of mobile phones, hybrid apps are the best, the overall performance of smart phones is not high. As the technology to provide power to this software continues to increase, the device can achieve more general operation, it is difficult to understand whether the program is made native or hybrid.

Web Services, APIs, and Back-End Databases

We are experts in making and connecting modern database systems. Our specialists work with your IT department to effectively integrate new software into existing processes. All data saved, we can help you gain access and open it for your customer.

  • The API is generally defined as a set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages, as well as a response message form definition, typically an extended markup language or a JavaScript object symbol format. Our company has developed dozens of APIs in cooperation with third-party providers and internal IT departments. Therefore, based on experience, we propose to provide clear documentation from the beginning of the mission.
  • Specialized developers can customize their API as needed or make new APIs from scratch. All of our custom APIs meet industry requirements to make sure their convenience and stability.
  • All APIs are hosted on a free server with SSL certificates to make sure that all statistics are encrypted when they are transferred from the app to the backend. All APIs have token-based authentication to ensure optimum security.

When you decide to move a static information application to a more "interactive" location, your app may need to be linked to a back-end database. Back-end database integration refers to allowing apps to communicate with back-end systems so that customers can add, defer, and replace records in the database at any time. Most database-based apps also allow clients to query the database.

Near field communication and iBeacons

In a technologically advanced world, users are looking for quick, intuitive ways to streamline their day-to-day work. So our main task is to simplify your experience using the mobile device to make the communication function of the app. For example, we have excellent apps using Bluetooth and NFC, allowing users to access coupons or shopping deals.

IBeacons is also the new breakthrough Apple has introduced, allowing apps (Android and native iOS) to receive signals of beacons when people are around. As a result, the backend sends a push notification of the relevant content to the user's phone, which may be of interest to them.

For example, iBeacon can detect users and send a new "One Day Deal" product to a nearby store. This is important to the store because it allows you to identify the customer's location, provide an opportunity to send your fantasy content and meaningful ads directly.


Revolutionary App Project

In our IT company, we believe in functional led design. The excellent layout is the inspiration for successful products, we begin to conduct searches and user projects to make sure that we are developing solutions that people would like to mix with each other and need to use.

  • A great product is not just a beautiful image, but the tool is easy to use. At our Australian headquarters, designers are here to advise on how to maximize the user experience. Our software maker is a fanatical UX / UI layout that takes a lot of time to work with you to make the best possible journey by helping you choose the theme of coloring, source mode, images and images, all those compliments and Intimacy about guide your brand.
  • The wireframe is the main model for the user's journey, with the functionality of each monitor. Our team has a layout group to keep you on an intuitive and compelling user adventure for your concept and final content.

Brand recognition

Obtaining brand recognition is the key to product success. Our designers will meet with you to discuss the design path. This includes selecting color schemes and fonts to use in making the main flags and icons. In addition, the team will make a graph that reflects the feel of the app so that it can be fed back into its approval.


We take into consideration the commitment to comprehensive mobile phone software is an important step. As a result, our company offers the lowest cost of the least viable products that can help drive the concept to further improve. After completing the wireframe, branding and visual effects system, our experts use these to make the MVP. In this package, we use a visible wireframe and design to provide a simplified but complete product that represents the entire user journey.

Our clients


Three key concepts of a successful app

Focus on solving a key problem. Hits plans to focus on quickly and effectively fixing a problem. We make sure that every project starts reasonably, making daily work more efficient.

Very intuitive layout. Clear and honest design is the basis for the software future success. We remind you that customers are looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use user experience.

Easily connect and share. In an increasingly connected world, users expect real-time information. Social sharing is essential for product growth, we work together to become the core of development.

Why choose us?

  • Rich experience
  • Competition fee
  • Functionality led design
  • Honest and fair recommendation
  • We fulfilled our promise

In the days of intense competition, but the technology market is booming, software agencies or employers choose the developers of contractors is essential, does not simplify the use of their programming services to fill the gap between the project, but also with the technology often converted. Keep yourself in line with your business and adjust your requirements

Deciding that these suppliers can rely not only on the specific development of products, but also on the long-term productive cooperation to meet market dynamics. This is the advantage of our company compared to other developers, because our approach is partnership, we are not contracted with customers, but working as a team.

Cooperation with Start-up Companies

Whether you are a start-up company looking for rapid prototyping, or through one of the leading e-commerce firms, or management agency in need of your own software program seeking a professional consulting and development of a mobile app...

Сhoose us, and you’ll get:

  • Technical functions to handle any level of complex projects.
  • Immediate start of the task, implemented by the expert programmers.
  • All the transparency of the project life cycle and beyond.
  • Long-term reliable partner

Advantages for Well-Established Companies

If you are already building and making your business and trying to hire a strategy development partner to make new software decisions or take any remaining initiatives or you want to outsource your development work to strategic offshore interests then you choose us:

  • In the production of new products and in the custom internal development, there is a great experience.
  • Rapid update with highly professional project management services accessible at reasonable prices.
  • Make your technical gap through the mobile, web, or HTML5 engineering group.
  • Fantastic dialogue and control transparent.
  • After a long period of time to check the strategy to perform sustained or legacy tasks, so that they are successful and fruitful.

Enterprise Solutions

If you are a company that needs one-stop service, you can start with all the software programs that begin with the personalization kit for internal business processes, the new mobile or network network solutions at the company level or the actual start of any software program.

Choose us because:

  • We provide a complete set of software development services, from consulting to manufacturing, and then guide and maintain.
  • We have the skills to extend existing programs to modern networks, mobile devices and tablets.
  • We are proficient in enterprise IT solutions and maintain a good relationship with the most famous worldwide companies.

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Our team is happy to hear your thoughts and discuss your ideas.

Whether you are an established business or a startup that needs to consolidate your software needs, the professional team will provide our experience and expertise to drive you to success.